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A life on the Line

She describes herself as a singer, songwriter, author and evangelist. Sounds like a glamorous and fulfilling life, but at the age of 15, Shell Perris was diagnosed with anorexia and was told she had just 8 weeks left to live. What followed was a radical transformation recorded in her new book ‘Made to Be Me’. Shell chats about her life on the line.

Prime Minister speaks exclusively to Premier   Is the Lottery a ‘tax on the poor’?  

Gordon Brown speaks to Victoria Laurence about faith, the role he thinks Christianity has in our society, how Christians can engage with politics and what he's least proud of since becoming PM. Tune into Sunday Breakfast this Sunday from 8am to hear the full interview.


Millions of people around the country buy lottery tickets each week in the hope that the numbers they picked will roll out on the little coloured balls. But one Christian think tank claims that the game is leaving Britain's poorest worse off. Premier Drive debates the big issue.

Finding God in the Holy Land   How to fight flu  

Ever wondered what life was like for Christians in the Holy Land? In a country steeped in the history of Christianity is the Church alive and well? The Rt. Rev. Suheil Dawani, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem shares about life in Israel.


Face masks and anti bacterial gel at the ready. The number of new swine flu infections in England has doubled in the past week. Presenter Andy Walton chats to Dr Helen Morant from the British Medical Journal about how to cope and washing your hands 12 times a day!


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