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Why Christian women convert to Islam

Why are Christian women converting to Islam? Many of us wouldn't even be aware that this is happening or dismiss the women as non-believers. But born again believers are choosing Islam. Rosemary Sookhdeo talks about the attractions of Islam for Christian women and what's really going on.

From Orphans to Heirs   Music Maestro  

With one in six fathers not living with their children, Christianity Magazine looks at those who are wounded and reminds all Christians of an attribute of God that is often overlooked.


This mans CV is crammed. Composer, signer, songwriter, he's scooped award after award. But music maestro, Israel Houghton tells Premier about what his real priorities in life are.

Pop idol?   Dead Church  

The death of one of music's greatest performers, Michael Jackson has left the world reeling. As the tributes flow in and fans share their shock Premier asks, how far should Christians go in their tributes to Michael Jackson. Are we treating him as an idol?


Many sobering predictions have been made about the state of the Church in this country. Most recently The Rt Rev Paul Richardson said that, "Christian Britain is dead". What do you think? Does the Church actually show signs of life?


After her starring role at Premier's Garden of Eden event, we give you the chance to win a copy of Judith Blacklock's fantastic book, Church Flowers. This is the definitive book on church flower arranging for the beginner to the festival designer.


Has the church severed its ties with its Jewish roots in favour of Western Greek thinking? Steve Maltz author of "How The Church Lost The Way - And How It Can Find It Again" thinks that it's this that has led to many problems that the church faces. Find out more, buy the book today!